I know several of you out there want to be an administrator. Easy, right? WRONG! There are some things you have to do before getting to this rank:

1. Be active on this Wiki for at least THREE months.

2. While you're waiting, post decent stories. I don't post stories like "ONCE THERE WAS A PONIE NAMED DERPIE SHE DEAD TE END" and then see your application showing up.

3. Be active on chat as well. As an admin, your job would be to help clean up this site AND to help moderate chat.

4. Try not to get banned. This will show up on your records for when you apply.

5. Edit count? At least a thousand.

6. Remember to fill out an application.

Chat Moderator

1. Be ACTIVE on chat. You cannot expect to get rights to moderate the chat if you're not on it!

2. Please be active on the Wiki for at least a month.

3. Try not to get banned, especially from chat! These will show up on your records when you apply.

4. You do not need to edit to be put into the position. You'll just have to be known well around the community.

5. You CANNOT apply if you are banned. I will immediately close the thread and not let you apply for an added month.

6. Remember to fill out an application.

How Often You Can Post Applications

If you don't get picked the first time, wait a month before you post another application. For example: let's say you applied on May 8th. You were rejected and you wish to apply again. Do not spam the threads with "PLZ PIC MEH! I WANT THIS JOB SO VERY BAD!" You must wait until June 8th, no less. If you apply June 7th, you'll still be punished. If you don't follow this rule, it will be a week ban.

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