The goal of my wiki is to have fun and share your creativity with others. But, as an administrator and founder, I have to lay out some ground rules:

1. NO trolling other users through stories. (If you have a problem a user for a valid reason, please contact me and I'll deal with the situation. But, if you're just being a bully, you'll be charged with a ban that will be decided by the level of rudeness.)

2. OC content? YES! On this site, we want people to let their imaginations to run wild! Rather it be some story you wrote for school, or a poem you wrote, go for it! I'm sure people would love to read the things you wrote!

3. We now allow clopfics, lemons, slashes, etc. But, please, warn before you start the story. People will complain, and I will not be a happy camper. I will ban them if it gets out of hand.

4. Please add your story to the FanFiction Listing and in the correct section! The first time, I'll let it slide because I've made the mistake before.

5. NO PARTS! Please post chapters in headers. You may do sequels to your own stories, or to others. But, please look at the next rule for that.

6. We now allow spin-offs. But, please refer to the FanFiction Listing Rules to get instruction.

7. NO OC creepypasta! Creepypasta is allowed, but, it must fit in to a TV show, movie, book, etc.

8. If you wish to be an administrator, please contact me for guidelines.

9. NO being mean towards me or any other user. I know how it feels to be bullied, it's not a good feeling. SO DON'T DO IT!

10. NO ADVERTISING OTHER WIKIS! There are a select few users that I will allow to.

11. Yaoi and Yuri? Sure. But, please refer to rule 3. Please don't let it get out of hand or I will ban them for good.

12. If you are going to do a crossover based on a play, DO NOT post a fic that is just the play with the characters from the other universe in it. (Ex. The Rocky Horror Goku Show.)

13. NO EDITING RULES, TITLE PAGE, OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT IS ADMINS ONLY! Your punishment will be determined by how much vandalism you've done.

14. Just cuz thirteen's an unlucky number. :P

Have anymore questions about rules? Please contact me on my message board!

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