Welcome to the FanFiction Stories Wiki!

Welcome to the FanFiction Stories Wiki! Here you can post your fanfictions about Sonic, Pokemon, and so much more! Also, remember to read Da Rules! Founder: Rylee the Pegasis 

Admins: CreepyPastaFriend, Irishninja0, and LizardMaster178

What do we do Here?

Hate when FanFiction or Quotev doesn't have your topic? Worked hard on a story, but, can't post it? Don't be nervous! You can post stories about practically anything in Manga, TV, movies, books, and videogames! If we don't have a section for what you need, tell me and I'll sure make one for you! If you have any further questions, please contact me or another administrator via talk page!

New to Wiki?

No problem! I've been on Wiki since December of 2012! I know everything that you'd need to know to get started in this magneficent community! Please contact me here or in chat if you need any help with this Wiki, or the Wiki Community in general! I'll be happy to assist you!

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