The FanFiction Listing is here to help our users navigate smoothly through the site. I, for one do not want to have to go through a bunch of fanfics, trying to find the place where they belong. I have A LOT better things to do. So, here are the rules:

1. DO NOT edit the FanFiction Listing unless you must post a link there.

2. Please put your fics in alphabetical order for easier use.

3. DO NOT mess with a user's link just because you don't like them. If an admin finds out you did that, your punishment will NOT be light. This is considered bullying, and FanFiction Story Wiki DOES NOT take bullying lightly.

4. DO NOT make a new section. (Let's say we didn't have a DBZ section, and you wrote a fanfic for it. You wouldn't make a section for DBZ, I would make it for you. If you do it by yourself, I will punish you with a week ban.)

5. Put the fics starting with "the" in the "T" section.

How to Post in the FanFiction Listing

Since some of you may not know about this system, here's how to do it:

1. Post your fic.

2. Select the universe. (Ex. Sonic the Hedgehog.)

3. Find where your title belongs in the alphabetical order. (Ex. the title "Sonic" would go after "Rouge's Treasure Hunt" and before "Tails' Journey.")

4. Go to edit, and make a space where your fic belongs in its alphabetical order. Click the chain link and type in the fic's URL. Then, type in the fic's name in the box under that. Click preview, and see if it worked out.

Have fun and remeber to do this after very post!

How to Post Spin-Offs

Yes, we do have specific instruction for this particular matter. Because I do not want the original authors to be upset, here are the guidelines:

1. Post your fic. (I'd perfer if you'd post the original story link with it.)

2. Select the universe. (Ex. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.)

3. Find where your story belongs in alphabetical order. (Ex. the title "Cupcakes 2" would go under "Applejack's Apple Harvest" and before "Darn it!")

4. Go to edit, and make a space where your fic belongs in its alphabetical order. Click the chain link and type in the fic's URL. Then, type in the fic's name in the box under that. Before you click preview, make a note of the title of the original story, and then say who it was by. (If you don't know who the original author is, it's fine. But, for "Cupcakes" spin-offs, I suggest you credit Sergant Sprinkles. Just don't take credit for the original story, okay?)

How to Post Crossovers

This is a very common thing among us fanfic writers. So, I'm going to have a crossover section for every category I do. Yes, this one has instructions too:

1. Same as the others.

2. Find both universes. (Be sure they're in the crossover section! I don't want to find a MLP and DBZ crossover fic in the MLP section. Also, if there isn't a crossover section for a category, notify me and I'll be on it as soon as possible!)

3. Same as the others. (Except find where the story belongs in alphabetical order both categories.)

4. Same as the first one. But, instead of just putting the link in both sections, write what the story is crossed over with. (Do this for both!)

Anybody who breaks these rules will be charged with a week ban. Contact me if you simply cannot get a story to link. I have made the same mistake before.

How to Post Sequels

I know several of you want to post sequels to your personal stories.

1. Repeat steps 1-4 in How to Post in the FanFiction Listing. 

2. This time, note that this is a sequel to one of your stories. If you'd like, you may post the link to your fic when you post its sequel.

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