These are very simple rules. I hope you all follow them... YOU BETTER! BECAUSE IF YOU DON'T, YOUR BANS WILL STACK UP! HERE'S THE RULES YOU NEED TO FOLLOW:

1. NO SEXUAL TALK! You'll be warned by an admin or mod, if you continue, you'll get a kick, and then an hour ban.

2. NO THREATENING! Although you can't really do anything over the internet, you'll make somebody feel uncomfortable. If somebody is threatening you in PM, please contact an admin in PM. So, DON'T DO IT OR AN HOUR BAN! NO KICKS OR WARNINGS!

3. NO FLIRTING! Flirting can be done in PM. I do not want to see ANY of it. No matter what form it's in. If you do not wish to be flirted with and somebody's making you feel uncomfortable by doing it, please contact an admin or mod in PM. Do not bring problems in open chat, for this might cause conflicts between users. And trust me, I have better things to do than trying to stop a flame war. That brings me to my next rule:

4. NO BULLYING OTHER USERS! I don't want anybody to be bullied. Even if your family/friend was getting picked on in chat, and you want to have a few words with the user who did it, just don't do it. If you get caught bullying, whether it be in the open or in PM, you will be banned for a week. No exceptions.

5. YOUR ACCOUNT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! Brother or sister went on your account and said something against the rules? Admins nor I will not lift a ban on you because of something family/friend did. You take charge of your own account.

6. PLEASE USE GOOD ENGLISH! We all speak English, right? So, please don't use stupid words that people can't understand. You may use text language. (Words such as "ppl," "plz," "ya," "nu," "lol," etc.) If somebody asks you to stop using text language so they can understand you, please do so.

7. NO SOCK-PUPPETS TO GET AROUND A BAN! This is a big problem around wiki chatrooms. I was in the Creepypasta Chatroom myself and have seen a sock. It's not cool, don't do it.

8. NO POSTING SCREAMERS! That is not taken lightly around these parts.

9. I will allow roleplaying. But, everybody has to agree to let you. And if someone asks you to stop, please do so. If you decide to disrupt the chat, a mod or admin will handle you.

10. NO OFFENDING BRONIES, PEGASISTERS, FURRIES, ETC! Around the internet, there are several fandoms that might not seem normal to some people. This is natural. Speaking from my own personal experience, I thought bronies were weird people at first. But, as I started to watch the show, I developed into a pegasister. Please do not discriminate people of these fandoms. This includes calling people cloppers or yiffers. Also... I'm well aware that the MLP and Furry fanbase have issues with each other. I do not want to see either fanbase bullying one another. Anybody involved will be banned.

11. SPEAK UP! Being bullied in my past, I DO NOT want to have it on this site. If someone is bullying you, PM a chat moderator, me, or another admin. What's the worst that could happen if you do? It's the internet, guys. People can't hurt you. Worst case scenario, they send you a rude message. If that happens, contact an admin or myself and we'll ban this bully.

12. A SPECIAL NOTE FOR ADMINS AND MODS: If you ban someone, please leave a note on their talk page about why they were banned and how long the ban is. If they reply with rude words, then I get involved

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